Powder Coating

Technology / Motorcycle / Powder Coating: There are various ways to paint a motorcycle. A popular method these days is powder coating. The paint mixture is normally sprayed on the surface where it clings by electrostatic attraction.

Other Words for Powder

Powder Noun Synonyms: dust, talc

Powder Puff, Puff Ball

Entertainment / Bowling / Powder Puff, Puff Ball: Same as nothing ball. MORE

Powder Coating

Business / Machine Shop / Powder Coating: A durable, weather-proof, polymer coating for metals applied in a spray and then cured in an oven. MORE

Powdery Mildew

Life Style / Wine / Powdery Mildew: See Oidium. MORE

Reflective Coatings

Business / Real Estate / Reflective Coatings: A black tinted window coating. Reflective coatings greatly reduce the transmission of daylight through clear glass. Commonly used in hot climates in which solar control is critical. MORE

Take A Powder

Business / Finance / Take A Powder: To buy or sell short; that is to own or to owe some amount on an asset or derivative security. MORE

Opaque Coating

Life Style / Painting / Opaque Coating: A coating that hides the previous surface coating. MORE