Technology / Motorcycle / Puck: Knee skids, attached to leathers with hook and loop material, that riders wear to slide their knees through the turns. The riders use their knee skids to judge their angle of lean, and sometimes hold up the motorcycle if it begins to wash out from under them.

Freeze The Puck

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Freeze The Puck: To hold the puck against the boards or the back of the net with the skate or stick, in order to stop play and gain a faceoff. If a player freezes the puck when no opponent is trying to gain control of MORE

Center The Puck

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Center The Puck: To pass the puck from near a corner in the attacking zone into the area in front of the goal cage. MORE

Smother The Puck

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Smother The Puck: To cover the puck with the hands or body. The goaltender is allowed to smother the puck in the goal crease when he's being challenged or checked by an opponent, but otherwise it's an illegal act that MORE

Rag The Puck

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Rag The Puck: To retain control of the puck, without attempting to score, for a considerable period of time, usually through clever stickhandling; a tactic used to kill time while a team is short-handed or when it MORE

Dead Puck

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Dead Puck: A puck that flies out of the rink or that a player has caught in his hand. MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Puck-Handler: The player currently in possession of the puck. MORE