Technology / Motorcycle / RPM: RPM is defined as Revolutions Per Minute. Horsepower, Torque, and RPM are interrelated by the formula: HP = Torque * RPM/5252.

Base Speed (RPM)

Technology / Motors / Base Speed (RPM): The speed which a DC motor develops at rated armature and field voltage with rated load applied. MORE

Revolutions Per Minute (RPM)

Technology / Motors / Revolutions Per Minute (RPM): The number of times per minute the shaft of the motor (machine) rotates. This is a function of design and the power supply. MORE

J Seconds (Dc Motors)

Technology / Motors / J Seconds (Dc Motors): J is the per unit moment of inertia. It is defined as the time in seconds to accelerate the motor armature to rated base speed using rated full load torque. J = WR2x Base Rpm(seconds) or 308 x Rated T MORE

Wk2 (Moment Of Inertia)

Technology / Motors / Wk2 (Moment Of Inertia): The moment of inertia is expressed as Wk2or WR2in terms of pound-feet squared. It is the product of the weight of the object in pounds and the square of the radius of gyration in feet. If the applicat MORE

Tall Gear

Technology / Motorcycle / Tall Gear: A gear that, compared to a short gear, results in lower engine RPM for a given road speed. A short gear is one with a low gear ratio, and a tall gear is one with a high gear ratio. MORE

Constant Torque

Technology / Motors / Constant Torque: Refers to loads whose H.P. requirements change linearly with changing speeds. Horsepower varies with the speed, i.e.- 2/1 HP at 1800/900 RPM. (Seen on some 2-speed motors). Possible applications inclu MORE