Rear Sets

Technology / Motorcycle / Rear Sets: Racing-style footrests fitted towards the rear of the machine to allow the rider to adopt a racing crouch.

Other Words for Rear

Rear Noun Synonyms: raise, bring up, care for, nurture, nurse, cultivate, educate, train, breed, produce
Rear Verb Synonyms: back (part), end, hind part, stern, tail (end), fag-end, tag end

Quick Assets

Business / Debt / Quick Assets: Cash and other assets which can or will be converted into cash fairly soon, such as accounts receivable and marketable securities; or equivalently, current assets minus inventory. MORE

Publicly Traded Assets

Business / Finance / Publicly Traded Assets: Assets that can be traded in a public market, such as the stock market. MORE

Real Assets

Business / Finance / Real Assets: Identifiable assets, such as land and buildings, equipment, patents, and trademarks, as distinguished from a financial investment. MORE

Rear Curtain Sync

Entertainment / Photography / Rear Curtain Sync: When the flash fires an instant before the second or rear curtain of the focal plane shutter begins to move. When slow shutter speeds are used, this feature can create a blur effect from the ambient l MORE

Rear Focusing System

Entertainment / Photography / Rear Focusing System: System where only the rear lens group moves during focusing. It eliminates changes in the physical length of the lens during focusing. MORE

Rear Focus

Entertainment / Photography / Rear Focus: Refers to the focused area behind the picture's subject. MORE