Rev Limiter

Technology / Motorcycle / Rev Limiter: Also known as an "RPM Limiter": A rev limiter reduces the power of an engine when a certain RPM is reached. As an engine safety device, a rev limiter is placed in the electronic circuitry to prevent the engine from over-revving. For example, if you have a motorcycle throttle wide open and miss a shift, the rapid increase in RPM’s could damage engine parts.

Reverse Osmosis

Science / Chemistry / Reverse Osmosis: Solvent molecules flow spontaneously from a dilute solution through a semipermeable membrane to a more concentrated solution (osmosis). In reverse osmosis, pressure is applied to the more concentrated MORE

Reverse Overlap

Entertainment / Golf / Reverse Overlap: ('reverse overlap grip') probably the most common grip used for putting - a method of placing the hands on the club such that the index finger of the top hand rests on top of the fingers of the bottom MORE

Reverse Pitch

Entertainment / Bowling / Reverse Pitch: Angling of the thumbhole backward so the tip of the thumb is extended away from the palm. It is used to help the thumb exit the hole sooner; although very common and generally desirable, too much can MORE