Rich Urban Biker (RUB)

Technology / Motorcycle / Rich Urban Biker (RUB): Image-oriented motorcycle owner with more money than riding knowledge or experience.

Other Words for Rich

Rich Adjective Synonyms: costly, expensive, dear, valuable, invaluable, precious, priceless, lavish, sumptuous, lush, luxurious, palatial, elaborate, splendid, exquisite, superb, elegant
Rich Noun Synonyms: wealthy, affluent, prosperous, well-to-do, well off, well provided for, opulent, moneyed, in clover, on velvet, flush, loaded, on Easy Street, rolling in it or money or wealth, in the chips or the dough or the money, well-heeled, well-fixed

Roll, Richard

Business / Finance / Roll, Richard: Author of path-breaking work on asset pricing including the famous Roll critique. Finance professor at UCLA. MORE

Sage Twist (Marichyasana)

Health / Yoga / Sage Twist (Marichyasana): A twist yoga pose. Sitting straight on the floor, bend one leg across the other leg and twist your upper body close to the bended leg. MORE

Species Richness

Science / Biology / Species Richness: The number of species present in a community. MORE

Rime Riche

Entertainment / Literature / Rime Riche: The French term for identical rhyme. See identical rhyme. MORE

Richter Magnitude Scale

Science / Geology / Richter Magnitude Scale: A scale that is used to compare the strength of earthquakes based upon the amount of energy released. The scale is logarithmic and an arbitrary earthquake was used as a starting point for creating the MORE

Richard Hennessy

Entertainment / Liquor / Richard Hennessy: This perfectly balanced aromatic cognac is the quintessential Hennessy. MORE