Technology / Motorcycle / Rigid: A bike with no rear suspension is said to be a rigid. Harley-Davidson motorcycles all had rigid frames until 1958 when the Duo-Glide was introduced. Most choppers are built using rigid frames.

Other Words for Rigid

Rigid Adjective Synonyms: stiff, unbending, unbendable, firm, hard, strong


Science / Psychiatry / Rigidity: An abnormal increase in the general tenseness of muscles that is not caused by anxiety or exercise. MORE

Insulation Board, Rigid

Business / Construction / Insulation Board, Rigid: A structural building board made of coarse wood or cane fiber in ½ - and 25/32-inch thickness. It can be obtained in various size sheets and densities. MORE

Carbon Fiber

Technology / Motorcycle / Carbon Fiber: A high-tech material available in many motorcycle applications due to its high rigidity and low weight which can allow improvements in the power-to-weight ratio and suspension response of the bike. Ad MORE

Girder Forks

Technology / Motorcycle / Girder Forks: Type of forks common on early machines, comprising rigid beams attached to the steering head by parallel links that allowed movement. MORE

Swing Arm

Technology / Motorcycle / Swing Arm: Older motorcycles and some new motorcycles have rigid frames much like bicycles. Thus, the frame is connected directly to the rear wheel. A swing arm is a movable joint between the frame of the motorc MORE

Plunger Suspension

Technology / Motorcycle / Plunger Suspension: In the 1930’s the "plunger" motorcycle frame suspension began to replace the rigid frames of earlier bikes. This was designed so the rear axle would move up and down two vertical posts to absorb roa MORE