Rim Lock

Technology / Motorcycle / Rim Lock: Rim locks are used to prevent tires from slipping around motorcycle rims. They are primarily used on off-road bikes and/or any application using low tire pressure for enhancing off-road traction. Aggressive off-road tires or under-inflated tires are prone to slipping on the rim under hard acceleration or braking. In such cases, a rim lock saves the inner tube’s valve stem from damage.

Other Words for Lock

Lock Noun Synonyms: padlock, hasp, bolt, latch, bar, hook, clasp, catch
Lock Verb Synonyms: tress, curl, ringlet

Other Words for Rim

Rim Noun Synonyms: edge, brim, lip, border, periphery, perimeter

Primary Meristems

Science / Biology / Primary Meristems: The apical meristems on the shoot and root apices in plants that produce plant primary tissues. MORE

Primary Market

Business / Finance / Primary Market: Where a newly issued security is first offered. All subsequent trading of this security occurs is done in the secondary market. MORE

Primary Macronutrients

Science / Biology / Primary Macronutrients: Elements that plants require in relatively large quantities: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. MORE