Technology / Motorcycle / Ruts: When dirt terrain is soft or damp, deep channels or "ruts" can be formed when the rear tires dig through the dirt. Ruts can force riders to take certain lines through a corner, or limit them to only one line, making passing difficult. Ruts can get deep enough to completely stop a motorcycle.

Subperiosteal Implant

Health / Dentistry / Subperiosteal Implant: A framework specifically fabricated to fit the supporting areas of the mandible or maxilla with permucosal extensions for support and attachment of a prosthesis. The framework consists of: permucosal MORE

Rutting Iron

Entertainment / Golf / Rutting Iron: (archaic) a lofted iron with a very rounded and concave face (like an eating spoon), used commonly to play from between tree roots, ruts MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Metadrama: Drama in which the subject of the play is dramatic art itself, especially when such material breaks up the illusion of watching reality. When Macbeth cries out, 'Life's but a walking shadow, a poor pl MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Telelever: Telelever is the name of a front suspension system used on BMW motorcycles. The front forks are just oil-filled struts. Two ball joints control the suspension through a complex of interacting componen MORE


Technology / Aviation / Bay: Any specific compartment in the body of the aircraft. It may also refer to a portion of a truss, or fuselage, between adjacent bulkheads, struts or frame positions. MORE


Technology / Aviation / Pants: A popular word for streamlined, non-load bearing fairings to cover landing wheels. Also sometimes called Spats or, when fully enclosing the wheel struts, Skirts. MORE