Technology / Motorcycle / Saddlebags: Saddlebags are either soft or hard containers attached over the rear fender of a motorcycle. They hang down on each side of the bike and provide storage for items that are carried on the bike. Usually, saddlebags are made of leather and contain flaps that are fastened to the bag through buckles. These soft saddlebags are fastened to the bike with leather laces or other detachable devices. Hard saddlebags can be plastic, fiberglass, or metal and are usually permanently attached.


Technology / Motorcycle / Bagger: A Bagger is a motorcycle that is fitted with saddlebags to allow the rider to carry items for a trip. Many start riding with no particular way to carry anything of any size. Some will resort to strapp MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Dresser: Normally a large fully equipped bike with fairing, saddlebags, and a trunk. MORE

Touring Bike

Technology / Motorcycle / Touring Bike: Any motorcycle that you can take on a tour. Normally, it has a fairing, saddlebags, and requires little maintenance. However, any bike can be used for touring. MORE