Technology / Motorcycle / Sender: An electronic sensor unit on a motorcycle conveying information about an engine to a warning light or other component.

Bonded Sender

Technology / Email / Bonded Sender: A private email-registration service, owned by email vendor Ironport, which allows bulk emailers who agree to follow stringent email practices and to post a monetary bond to bypass email filters of Bo MORE

Sender ID

Technology / Email / Sender ID: The informal name for a new anti-spam program combining two existing protocols: Sender Policy Framework and CallerID. SenderID authenticates email senders and blocks email forgeries and faked addresse MORE


Technology / Email / Sender-ID: An authentication standard proposed by Microsoft, that compares an email sender's 'From' address to the IP address authorized to send email from that domain. MORE

Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

Technology / Email / Sender Policy Framework (SPF): A protocol used to eliminate email forgeries. A line of code called an SPF record is placed in a sender's Domain Name Server information. The incoming mail server can verify a sender by reading the SP MORE


Technology / Email / Subscriber: The person who has specifically requested to join a mailing list. A list has both subscribers, who receive the message from the sender, and pass-alongs. MORE


Technology / Email / Blackhole: Term describing what happens to email that is blocked without a bounce response to the sender. MORE