Technology / Motorcycle / Sidecar: A Sidecar is attached to a motorcycle to create a 3-wheeled combination. The sidecar is also known as a hack, outfit, rig, or chair. Sidecar combinations have been used for over a hundred years. A sidecar/motorcycle combination is neither a motorcycle nor a car in handling characteristics. Special driving techniques must be mastered before one can safely operate a rig.

Chair (Sidecar)

Technology / Motorcycle / Chair (Sidecar): A one-wheeled carriage for a single passenger attached to the side of a motorcycle, producing a three-wheeled vehicle. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Rig: A motorcycle with an attached sidecar. Also any combination of motorcycle with or without sidecar pulling a trailer. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Hack: 1. (also 'chop') chopping violently at the ball 2. (also 'duffer, hacker, chop, chopper') a (usually) erratic and unskilled golfer whose technique is characterized by arm and hand oriented hitting at MORE