Sissy Bar

Technology / Motorcycle / Sissy Bar: A tall backrest on the passenger seat of a motorcycle. It helps to keep a passenger from falling off and it's also useful to bungee luggage to a bike when there is no passenger.

Other Words for Bar

Bar Preposition Synonyms: except (for), excepting, excluding, barring, outside (of), save for, aside from, but
Bar Noun Synonyms: rod, shaft, pole, stick, stake
Bar Verb Synonyms: fasten, close up, secure, shut up, lock, lock up, padlock

Other Words for Sissy

Sissy Noun Synonyms: milksop, mama's boy, mummy's boy, namby-pamby, weakling, baby, cry-baby, mollycoddle, milquetoast, softie or softy, wet

Fractional Bargaining

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Fractional Bargaining: Bargaining that takes place at a department or unit level which may lead to an unwritten consensus to ignore certain provisions of a collective bargaining agreement. MORE

Gold Bars

Business / Finance / Gold Bars: The value of a company to another company or individual in terms of an operating business. The difference between a company's going-concern value and its asset or liquidation value is deemed goodwill MORE

Faustian Bargain

Entertainment / Literature / Faustian Bargain: A temptation motif from German folklore in which an individual sells his soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge, wealth, or power. Marlowe's The Tragical Historie of Doctor Faustus revolves aroun MORE


Life Style / Travel / Embark: To enter, or the process of entering or boarding the ship. MORE

Drag Bars

Technology / Motorcycle / Drag Bars: Drag Bars are distinctive custom handlebars that are relatively straight and require a slight forward leaning to reach. The look is great but some complain about difficult low-speed handling. You may MORE


Business / Agriculture / Embargo: A government-ordered prohibition or limitation on trade with another country. Under an embargo, all trade, or selected goods and services, may be restricted. The Food Security Act of 1985 states that MORE