Spine Frame

Technology / Motorcycle / Spine Frame: A motorcycle frame with a single main structural member from which the engine is suspended. Also known as a backbone frame.

Other Words for Frame

Frame Verb Synonyms: enclose, box (in), set off
Frame Noun Synonyms: framework, shell, form, skeleton, support, chassis, framing, structure, fabric, scaffolding, construction

Other Words for Spine

Spine Verb Synonyms: backbone, spinal column, vertebrae

Navel To Spine

Health / Pilates / Navel To Spine: The process of drawing your abdominal muscles up and in as you imagine your navel drawing toward your spine. This is an original cue that was used by Joseph Pilates. Performing navel to spine as you e MORE

Nasal Spine

Health / Dentistry / Nasal Spine: A median, sharp process formed by the forward elongation of the maxillae at the lower margin of the anterior aperture of the nose. Used to support a maxillary subperiosteal implant. MORE

Neutral Spine

Health / Pilates / Neutral Spine: A balanced spine that maintains its natural curves. Pilates encourages you to identify and achieve your neutral spine. A misaligned spine causes compensating muscles to work too hard, which can result MORE

Open Cradle Frame

Technology / Motorcycle / Open Cradle Frame: Motorcycle frame without tubes running under the engine. The engine unit bolts into place between the front downtube and the swingarm pivot area as a semi-stressed or stressed member. MORE

Open Frame

Entertainment / Bowling / Open Frame: A frame in which the bowler doesn't get a strike or a spare. MORE

Monocoque Frame

Technology / Motorcycle / Monocoque Frame: A motorcycle frame in which the structure is made as one unit from a sheet material (ie alloy or steel). It may also include bodywork or fuel container in the structure. A Grand Prix motorcycle racing MORE