Sport Bike

Technology / Motorcycle / Sport Bike: A focused motorcycle designed for speed and handling. These machines are usually equipped with aerodynamic bodywork.

Other Words for Sport

Sport Verb Synonyms: recreation, diversion, pastime, amusement, entertainment, play, distraction, relaxation, divertissement, pleasure, enjoyment, fun
Sport Noun Synonyms: show off, exhibit, flaunt, display, wear
Sport Adjective Synonyms: jest, humour, fun, mockery


Technology / Motorcycle / Superbike: A high-performance sport bike with a big engine (generally 1000cc and larger) MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Dual-Sport: Dual-Sport refers to a street-legal motorcycle that is designed to also be used in off-road situations. Thus if one were planning a trip to South America, it might be wise to ride a dual-sport bike to MORE

Naked Bikes

Technology / Motorcycle / Naked Bikes: Sport or standard motorcycles with minimum bodywork, fairings or windshields. This is a motorbike in its most basic form. The emphasis is on functionality and ergonomics rather than aerodynamic body p MORE

Sport Tourer

Technology / Motorcycle / Sport Tourer: A motorcycle that combines some of the handling and power of a sport bike, with some of the amenities of a touring bike, like saddlebags, comfortable ergonomics, etc. Not as focused as either a pure s MORE

Dirt Bike

Technology / Motorcycle / Dirt Bike: Some motorcycles are designed to be ridden on rough terrain. They are known as Dirt Bikes or trail bikes. Dirt bikes will typically have suspension with more travel than a street bike, higher ground c MORE

Road Bike

Health / Fitness / Road Bike: The traditional type of outdoor bicycle with curved handlebars that is built for speed. MORE