Technology / Motorcycle / Squid: Have you seen a motorcycle rider who does not wear protective clothing, darts into and out of traffic at high speed, seems to need some motorcycle training and, in general, acts like he/she doesn't know what they're doing? You've seen a Squid.


Science / Marine Biology / Nekton: Organisms with swimming abilities that permit them to move actively through the water column and to move against currents MORE

Convergent Evolution

Science / Biology / Convergent Evolution: The development of similar structures in distantly related organisms as a result of adapting to similar environments and/or strategies of life. Example: wings of birds and insects, the body shape of d MORE

Deep-Scattering Layer

Science / Marine Biology / Deep-Scattering Layer: Well-defined horizon in the ocean that reflects sonar; indicates a layer usually consisting of fishes, squid, or other larger zooplankton MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Nb: Gallnuts aren't actually nuts. They are swellings that form in the bark of an oak tree after it has been stung by an insect laying its eggs. The black seepage from this swellings forms the primary ing MORE