Technology / Motorcycle / Stroke: Measurement of length of piston travel in the bore, usually expressed in millimeters.

Other Words for Stroke

Stroke Adjective Synonyms: blow, rap, tap, thump, knock, smack, whack, swipe, slam, strike, wallop
Stroke Verb Synonyms: flourish, movement, gesture, mark, dash, splash
Stroke Noun Synonyms: action, motion, go, move, movement, feat, achievement

Pop Stroke

Entertainment / Golf / Pop Stroke: A (typically putting) stroke characterized by an abrupt little 'hit' or twitch of force at the ball rather than a smooth acceleration through the ball MORE

Stroke Play

Entertainment / Golf / Stroke Play: (also 'medal play') scoring by the total number of strokes MORE

Stroke Hole

Entertainment / Golf / Stroke Hole: A hole on which a player's handicap strokes fall in net scoring match play situations (e.g., a 1 handicapper only gets a stroke on the number 1 handicap hole, whereas an 18 handicapper gets a stroke o MORE

Penalty Stroke

Entertainment / Golf / Penalty Stroke: A stroke that must be added to the score, for a variety of reasons (e.g., lost ball, unplayable lie), in accordance with the rules of golf MORE

Four Stroke Engine

Technology / Motorcycle / Four Stroke Engine: The most common engine design found in street motorcycles. It refers to the number of times a piston moves up and down through each power cycle. 1. A downward stroke brings in the fuel/air mixture. 2. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / 2-Stroke: A 2-Stroke is an engine (also known as a Stroker) having two strokes per cycle. The combustion stroke occurs when the piston moves down allowing the exhaust gases to exit through an opening. The compr MORE