Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Technology / Motorcycle / Sturgis Motorcycle Rally: Motorcycle event held annually in Sturgis, South Dakota. It was founded on August 14, 1938 by the Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club who still own and operate the tracks, hillclimb, and field areas that the rally is concentrated around. The event is usually held in August and contends with the Daytona Bike Week as the most popular motorcycle rally in the United States.

Other Words for Rally

Rally Noun Synonyms: gathering, (mass) meeting, meet, convocation, convention, assemblage, assembly, muster
Rally Adjective Synonyms: revive, rouse, recover, improve, get better, take a turn for the better, recuperate, perk up, pick up, snap out of it, make a comeback


Technology / Motorcycle / Rally: A gathering of motorcyclists. Could be any number as small as 50 or as large as 500,000. MORE

Rally (Recovery)

Business / Finance / Rally (Recovery): An upward movement of prices. Opposite of reaction. MORE

Parked Motorcycle Syndrome (PMS)

Technology / Motorcycle / Parked Motorcycle Syndrome (PMS): PMS is defined as Parked Motorcycle Syndrome. This is a common disease that occurs in the winter when a rider is unable to take his/her motorcycle out for a ride and is forced to think about things ot MORE