Swing Arm

Technology / Motorcycle / Swing Arm: Older motorcycles and some new motorcycles have rigid frames much like bicycles. Thus, the frame is connected directly to the rear wheel. A swing arm is a movable joint between the frame of the motorcycle and the rear wheel assembly. It supports the rear wheel and associated suspension components.

Other Words for Swing

Swing Verb Synonyms: hang, dangle, be hanged, be suspended
Swing Noun Synonyms: swinging, sway, swaying, toing and froing, coming and going, waving, fluctuation, fluctuating, flapping, flap, oscillation, oscillating, vibration, vibrating, libration, waver, wavering, wobble, wobbling, waggle, waggling, zigzag, zigzagging, wigwag, wigw
Swing Adverb Synonyms: sway, move or go to and fro or back and forth or backwards and forwards, come and go, wave, fluctuate, flap, oscillate, vibrate, librate, waver, wobble, waggle, zigzag, wigwag, flourish

Non-Harmonic Constants

Science / Tides and Currents / Non-Harmonic Constants: Tidal constants such as lunitidal intervals, ranges, and inequalities which may be derived directly from high and low water observations without regard to the harmonic constituents of the tide. Also a MORE

No-Till Farming

Business / Agriculture / No-Till Farming: A method of planting crops that involves no seed bed preparation other than opening the soil to place individual seeds in holes or small slits: usually no cultivation during crop production: chemical MORE

Nongeographic Farming

Business / Real Estate / Nongeographic Farming: Farming/prospecting a particular segment of the market such as an ethinic group or nationality, as opposed to a geographic area. MORE

Off-Farm (Non-Farm) Income

Business / Agriculture / Off-Farm (Non-Farm) Income: That portion of farm household income obtained off the farm, including nonfarm wages and salaries, pensions, and interest income earned by farm families. On average for all farms in the United States, MORE

Operators Harmonization Group (OHG)

Technology / Cell Phones / Operators Harmonization Group (OHG): A worldwide organization of operators and manufacturers dedicated to achieving a uniform standard for third-generation wireless systems. MORE

Net Farm Income

Business / Agriculture / Net Farm Income: The return (both monetary and non-monetary) to farm operators for their labor, management and capital, after all production expenses have been paid (that is, gross farm income minus production expense MORE