Technology / Motorcycle / Swingarm: The one- or two-sided arm (often made of aluminum or steel) that connects the rear wheel to the frame and moves up and down with the rear suspension. A two-sided swingarm could be described as a pivoted fork, as the wheel is supported at both sides.


Technology / Motorcycle / Isolastic: Proprietary name for an engine/swingarm rubber mounting system used by Norton on its early Commando models. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Suspension: A process under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act by which the Environmental Protection Agency can suspend the use of a pesticide in order to prevent an imminent hazard resulting MORE

Open Cradle Frame

Technology / Motorcycle / Open Cradle Frame: Motorcycle frame without tubes running under the engine. The engine unit bolts into place between the front downtube and the swingarm pivot area as a semi-stressed or stressed member. MORE

Plunger Suspension

Technology / Motorcycle / Plunger Suspension: In the 1930’s the "plunger" motorcycle frame suspension began to replace the rigid frames of earlier bikes. This was designed so the rear axle would move up and down two vertical posts to absorb roa MORE

Hub-Center Steering

Technology / Motorcycle / Hub-Center Steering: One of several different types of front-end suspension/steering mechanisms used in motorcycles. Hub-center steering is characterized by a swingarm that extends from the bottom of the engine/frame to t MORE