Table-Top Jump

Technology / Motorcycle / Table-Top Jump: Similar to a double jump, except the void between the jumps is filled in with dirt, creating the table-top.

Other Words for Jump

Jump Adjective Synonyms: start, jerk, wince, flinch, recoil
Jump Verb Synonyms: pass, move, leap, skip
Jump Noun Synonyms: leap, bound, spring, pounce, hurdle, vault, hop, skip, caper, cavort, gambol

Jumper Cables

Technology / Motorcycle / Jumper Cables: Jumper Cables are heavy electrical cables with clips on the ends used to connect two batteries together to Jump Start a motorcycle battery. Read the Basic Motorcycle Tip, below, for procedures to use MORE


Technology / Computers / Jumper: A plastic covered metal clip that sets over two pins on a circuit board. Jumpers connect pins, completing an electric circuit that changes configurations on devices, or can be used to kick start a swi MORE

Jump Stop

Entertainment / Basketball / Jump Stop: Coming to a full stop by jumping off one foot and landing in a parallel or staggered stance with both feet hitting the floor at the same time. MORE


Business / Construction / Jumpers: Water pipe installed in a water meter pit (before the water meter is installed), or electric wire that is installed in the electric house panel meter socket before the meter is installed. This is some MORE

Pressure Jump

Science / Weather / Pressure Jump: A sudden increase in the observed atmospheric pressure or station pressure. MORE

Turnaround Jump Shot

Entertainment / Basketball / Turnaround Jump Shot: When a player posts up, in order to shoot he has to turn around to face the basket. This can be done by turning in the air, timing the jump shot when the defender is not likely to jump and challenge t MORE