Tank Bag

Technology / Motorcycle / Tank Bag: A piece of luggage that mounts on top of the gas tank of a bike. Sometimes contains a clear plastic top where route directions can be viewed by the rider without stopping.

Other Words for Bag

Bag Verb Synonyms: catch, trap, ensnare, snare, entrap, capture, land, kill, shoot
Bag Noun Synonyms: sack, shopping bag, reticule, string bag, carrier bag, poke, pocket


Entertainment / Bowling / Sandbagger: A bowler who deliberately keeps his average low during the first part of the season, to take advantage of an artificially high handicap later on. A cheater. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Saddlebags: Saddlebags are either soft or hard containers attached over the rear fender of a motorcycle. They hang down on each side of the bike and provide storage for items that are carried on the bike. Usually MORE

Shag Bag

Entertainment / Golf / Shag Bag: A bag or container for carrying practice balls MORE


Business / Real Estate / Subagent: An agent of a person who is already acting as an agent for a principal. The original agent can delegate authority to a subagent where such delegation is either expressly authorized or customary in the MORE

Sunday Bag

Entertainment / Golf / Sunday Bag: An extremely lightweight golf bag, usually very small in diameter and easy to carry MORE

Saddle Tank

Technology / Motorcycle / Saddle Tank: A fuel tank that fits over the top tube of the motorcycle frame. MORE