Tank Slapper

Technology / Motorcycle / Tank Slapper: A rapid, high intensity oscillation of the handlebars (literally, slapping the tank side to side). It is a condition of dynamic instability, such as hard acceleration out of a bumpy corner. Classic case would be the rider landing a botched wheelie with the handlebar/front tire turned instead of straight and square.


Entertainment / Photography / Tanks: Containers for holding chemical solutions for processing films and plates. MORE


Entertainment / Tennis / Tanking: To purposely lose a match, because of poor mental game or other reason; or to purposely lose a non-vital set, so as to focus energy and attention on a match-deciding set. MORE

Think Tank

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Think Tank: A group organized for the purpose of intensive research and problem solving, especially in the areas of technology, social or political strategy, or demographics. MORE