Target Fixation

Technology / Motorcycle / Target Fixation: A motorcyclist often inadvertently looks at an object and finds himself/herself headed straight for that object. This is target fixation and must be avoided. It's also said that 'you go where you look.' To avoid an object, don't look at it. Look where you need to go to avoid the object. Avoid target fixation.

Other Words for Fixation

Fixation Noun Synonyms: mania, obsession, compulsion, fixed idea, id‚e fixe, fetish, monomania, preoccupation, infatuation, hang-up, thing, kick

Other Words for Target

Target Verb Synonyms: goal, object, objective, aim, end, butt, quarry

Target Line

Entertainment / Golf / Target Line: The line of play, or the line from the ball to the target MORE

Target Payout Ratio

Business / Finance / Target Payout Ratio: A firm that is the object of a takeover by another firm. MORE

Target Pin (Object Pin)

Entertainment / Bowling / Target Pin (Object Pin): The pin that must be hit to make a shot. MORE