The Dakar

Technology / Motorcycle / The Dakar: Formerly known as "The Paris Dakar" and now as "The Lisbon Dakar Rally," or "Dakar Rally," and also simply referred to as "The Dakar." It is an off-road competition comprised of cars, motorcycles, and trucks held annually in January. The race is open to amateur and professional entries and amateurs typically make up about eighty percent of the participants. Founded in 1978, this endurance race runs from Europe into Africa over several thousand miles along remote routes that include hostile dunes, rocks and mud. The competition is gruelling and a number of participants have died due to injuries sustained in the race. Originally, the competition was from Paris, France to Dakar, Senegal. However, due to politics and other factors, the course, including origin and destination, have varied over the years.

Other Words for The

The Adjective Synonyms: drama, the stage, dramaturgy, dramatic or Thespian or histrionic art(s), the boards, show business, showbiz

Restoration Therapy

Health / Massage / Restoration Therapy: Restoration therapy has been practiced in Japan for more than fifteen hundred years and has proven successful in the treatment of migraine headaches, nervous tension, general fatigue, and muscular ach MORE


Business / Finance / Rehypothecation: Pledging to banks by securities brokers of the amount in customers' margin account as collateral for broker loans, which are used to cover margin loans to customers for margin purchases and selling sh MORE

Riding The Clutch

Technology / Motorcycle / Riding The Clutch: A clutch generally consists of a disk which, in its normal state, connects the engine to the transmission. When the motorcycle is driving along, the mechanism is released or "engaged". During a stop a MORE