Technology / Motorcycle / Throttle: The Throttle on a motorcycle is contained in the right grip on the handlebars. The speed of the engine is controlled by twisting the throttle.

Throttle Lock

Technology / Motorcycle / Throttle Lock: Manual device fitted to the throttle of a motorcycle that applies friction to keep the throttle from moving. Used to temporarily give your hand a rest on long rides. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Uncork: Free a motorcycle from a sealed or constrained state to unleash its power. In general use, it can simply mean to open up the throttle to obtain top speed. More specifically, it means to modify a stock MORE

Pin It

Technology / Motorcycle / Pin It: To go full throttle: Reference to pinning the tachometer and/or the speedometer needle all the way to the right of the gauge. "Coming out of the last corner, I just pinned it and won." MORE

Rev Limiter

Technology / Motorcycle / Rev Limiter: Also known as an "RPM Limiter": A rev limiter reduces the power of an engine when a certain RPM is reached. As an engine safety device, a rev limiter is placed in the electronic circuitry to prevent MORE

Whoops or Whoop Section

Technology / Motorcycle / Whoops or Whoop Section: Also known as whoop-de-doos. A section of track with a row of dirt mounds or moguls. Whoops are one of the most difficult obstacles on a Supercross track, as timing, throttle control and body position MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Doubles-Triples: Large multiple jumps that allow riders to fly through the air rather than traversing each jump one at a time. Triple jumps are the signature obstacle of Supercross, requiring cool nerves and precise t MORE