Technology / Motorcycle / Timing: Measurement of the exact instant when the valves open or close in an internal-combustion engine, or when the spark occurs. It is normally expressed in degrees or millimeters before TDC (see ignition timing and port timing).

Port Timing

Technology / Motorcycle / Port Timing: In two-stroke engines the critical moment when ports are covered or uncovered by the piston. Port timing can be modified to enhance a 2-stroke’s power and RPM range. MORE

Ignition Timing

Technology / Motorcycle / Ignition Timing: The process of setting the time that a spark will occur in the engine combustion chamber (during the power stroke) relative to piston position or crankshaft rotation. Setting the correct ignition timi MORE

Market Timing

Business / Finance / Market Timing: Asset allocation in which investment in the equity market is increased if one forecasts that the equity market will outperform T-bills and is decreased when the market is anticipated to underperform. MORE

Early Timing

Entertainment / Bowling / Early Timing: Releasing the ball before the sliding foot completes its slide; usually results in less hook and a less strong ball as the player does not have the proper balance and leverage to hit up on the ball. I MORE

Late Timing

Entertainment / Bowling / Late Timing: When your release of the ball occurs slightly after the slide begins (or in the extreme case, when the slide is over or nearly over); often referred as the plant and throw release; if your body is pla MORE

Computerized Market Timing System

Business / Finance / Computerized Market Timing System: A government official, appointed by the president, who keeps control over all national banks, and receives reports from the banks at least quarterly, to be published in newspapers. MORE