Tire Warmers

Technology / Motorcycle / Tire Warmers: Real racing tires work best once they’ve attained their high operating temperatures. Electric "blankets" wrapped around the wheels help speed this process, allowing the rider to start going fast sooner.

Other Words for Tire

Tire Noun Synonyms: weary, tire out, fatigue, exhaust, wear out, drain, sap, enervate, drain, wear out, debilitate, weaken, take it out of, fag (out), take it out of


Business / Finance / Retirement: Removal from circulation of stock or bonds that have been reacquired or redeemed. MORE

Retirement Communities

Business / Real Estate / Retirement Communities: Many of them in temperate climates, are often structured as PUDs. They may provide shopping, recreational opportunities and health care facilities in addition to residential units. MORE

Retirement Of Long-Term Debt

Business / Finance / Retirement Of Long-Term Debt: The repayment of a non-current liability. MORE

Retirement Plan

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Retirement Plan: A written qualified or nonqualified benefit plan, funded by employer and employee contributions, that provides retirement income benefits for employees. MORE

Retiree Skill Bank

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Retiree Skill Bank: A pool of retired former employees who are rehired on a temporary or contractual basis. MORE

Retired Liabilities

Business / Finance / Retired Liabilities: Debt paid off within a given period of the forecast. MORE