Top End

Technology / Motorcycle / Top End: Top End refers to the top portion of a motorcycle engine including the fuel system, valve covers, heads, cylinders, pistons, valves, rings and other components that support the power generation that propels the machine.

Other Words for End

End Verb Synonyms: kill, put to death, annihilate, exterminate, terminate, extinguish, destroy, ruin
End Noun Synonyms: close, termination, conclusion, cessation, expiration, finish, completion, finale, ending, wind-up, denouement or d‚nouement
End Adjective Synonyms: extremity, extreme, extent, bound, boundary, tip, limit, terminus

Other Words for Top

Top Noun Synonyms: summit, apex, peak, acme, crest, head, pinnacle, vertex, zenith, meridian, crown, culmination, high point, height, apogee
Top Verb Synonyms: surmount, cover, cap, crown, tip, finish, complete, garnish

Participating Dividend

Business / Finance / Participating Dividend: Dividend received from ownership of participating preferred stock. MORE

Parting Stop Or Strip

Business / Construction / Parting Stop Or Strip: A small wood piece used in the side and head jambs of double hung windows to separate the upper sash from the lower sash. MORE

Pass Defender

Entertainment / Football / Pass Defender: A defensive player who covers an opposing receiver. MORE

Over The Top

Entertainment / Golf / Over The Top: (also 'coming over the top') a downswing path or plane above, or over, the correct or desired plane, causing the path of the club through impact to be across from outside to inside the target line MORE

Optional Dividend

Business / Finance / Optional Dividend: A dividends that the shareholder can elect to receive either in cash or in stock. MORE

Open-End Trust Deed

Business / Real Estate / Open-End Trust Deed: An expandable loan in which the borrower is given a limit up to which he or she may borrow, with each incremental advance to be secured by the same trust deed. MORE