Technology / Motorcycle / Torque: Torque is a turning or twisting force applied at a distance from the axis of the object. Thus, if you apply a 100 pound force to the end of a 3-foot wrench placed on a nut, you are applying 300 pound-feet of torque.

Variable Torque

Technology / Motors / Variable Torque: A multi-speed motor used on loads whose torque requirements vary with speed as in some centrifugal pumps and blowers. The HP varies as the square of the speed. MORE

Starting Torque

Technology / Motors / Starting Torque: The torque or twisting force delivered by a motor at the instant it is energized. Starting torque is often higher than rated running or full load torque. MORE

Full-Load Torque

Technology / Motors / Full-Load Torque: That torque of a motor necessary to produce its rated horsepower at full-load speed, sometimes referred to as running torque. MORE

Braking Torque

Technology / Motors / Braking Torque: The torque required to bring a motor down to a standstill. The term is also used to describe the torque developed by a motor during dynamic braking conditions. MORE

Pull-In Torque

Technology / Motors / Pull-In Torque: The maximum constant torque which a synchronous motor will accelerate into synchronism at rated voltage and frequency. MORE

Dual Torque

Technology / Motors / Dual Torque: Dual speed motor whose torque varies with speed (as the speed changes the horsepower remains constant). MORE