Total Loss

Technology / Motorcycle / Total Loss: An engine ignition or lubrication system in which electricity or oil is used without being generated or recirculated. An ignition system that uses power from a battery without recharging it will eventually run the battery flat. A lubrication system that uses oil without returning it to a tank will run out of oil. Both systems were common on early motorcycles although two-stroke engines are current examples that use a total-loss lubrication system.

Other Words for Loss

Loss Noun Synonyms: diminution, erosion, reduction, impoverishment, depletion, shrinkage
Loss Verb Synonyms: deprivation, bereavement, privation, denial, sacrifice, forfeiture, disappearance

Other Words for Total

Total Noun Synonyms: complete, unalloyed, unmitigated, unqualified, unconditional, utter, out-and-out, thorough, thoroughgoing, perfect, outright, downright, all-out, absolute
Total Verb Synonyms: sum (total), totality, aggregate, whole, amount, total number

Total Asset Turnover

Business / Finance / Total Asset Turnover: Complete amount of buy or sell interest, as opposed to having more behind it. See: Partial. MORE

Total Audience

Technology / Television (TV) / Total Audience: Percent of households tuning to all or to any portion of a program for at least 6 minutes. MORE

Total Access Communication System (TACS)

Technology / Cell Phones / Total Access Communication System (TACS): European analog cellular. MORE