Technology / Motorcycle / Trike: A 3-wheeled vehicle created by stripping off the rear wheel of a bike and replacing it with two automotive wheels attached to a special differential. The rear section is then covered with fiberglass and painted to match the bike. A trike is still classified as a motorcycle.

Brooklyn Strike

Entertainment / Bowling / Brooklyn Strike: A strike that results from a Brooklyn hit. MORE

Garbage Hit or Strike

Entertainment / Bowling / Garbage Hit or Strike: Any hit that produces a strike when it shouldn't, as when it misses the pocket. MORE

Steal A Strike

Entertainment / Bowling / Steal A Strike: To get a strike on a less-than-perfect hit. MORE

Strike Price

Business / Finance / Strike Price: For a stock index option, the index value at which the buyer of the option can buy or sell the underlying stock index. The strike index is converted to a dollar value by multiplying by the option's co MORE

Strike Split

Entertainment / Bowling / Strike Split: A split that results from what was apparently a strike hit. Usually the 8-10 split for a right-handed bowler and the 7-9 for a lefty. MORE

Strike Out

Entertainment / Baseball / Strike Out: When a batter swings and misses three pitchers, receives three pitches within the strike zone without swinging, or a combination of the two. The batter is declared out. Foul balls are counted as strik MORE