Twin Cam 88B

Technology / Motorcycle / Twin Cam 88B: Twin Cam 88 is the name of the Harley-Davidson engine first introduced in 1999. This engine is a 1450cc V-Twin using twin cams.

Other Words for Twin

Twin Adjective Synonyms: double, clone, duplicate, look-alike, counterpart, ringer


Technology / Motorcycle / Off-Camber: OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. As an example, Harley makes a motorcycle out of parts and Harley is the OEM for that motorcycle. Users then may modify or add parts to the machine. Most MORE

One Shot Color Camera

Entertainment / Photography / One Shot Color Camera: Is an obsolete plate camera making three color separation negatives from a single exposure. MORE

Multiple-Camera Production

Technology / Television (TV) / Multiple-Camera Production: A mode of production unique to television wherein two or more cameras are used to record the scene, enabling simultaneous and/or post-production editing. The mode used in most sitcoms and all soap ope MORE

Multimode Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Multimode Camera: Is a 35mm camera that will operate in several modes. MORE

Monorail Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Monorail Camera: Is a sheet film camera, of modular construction, mounted on a rail system to give maximum camera movements. MORE

Overhead Camshaft (OHC)

Technology / Motorcycle / Overhead Camshaft (OHC): A camshaft in an internal-combustion engine that is mounted within the cylinder heads, above the combustion chambers, and drives the valves or lifters directly instead of using pushrods. MORE