Unit Construction

Technology / Motorcycle / Unit Construction: Motorcycle or automobile engine design where both the engine and gearbox are integrated within the same casing. Earlier engine design was a pre-unit construction where engine and gearbox were in separate casings.

Other Words for Unit

Unit Noun Synonyms: element, component, entity, part, item, constituent, piece, portion, segment, section, module


Technology / Motorcycle / Pre-Unit: An early motorcycle engine architecture where the engine and gearbox are built as independent casings, with their own oil reservoirs. (Compare unit construction). MORE

Reflexive Construction

Entertainment / Literature / Reflexive Construction: A verb combined with a reflexive pronoun functioning as the direct object. For instance, in Spanish, Yo me llavo (I wash myself'). In English, this often creates a redundant phrase, such as 'I repent MORE

Retirement Communities

Business / Real Estate / Retirement Communities: Many of them in temperate climates, are often structured as PUDs. They may provide shopping, recreational opportunities and health care facilities in addition to residential units. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Reconstruction: A hypothetical earlier form of a word that probably existed, but for which no direct evidence is available. Linguists normally mark reconstructions by placing an asterisk in front of them. This marks MORE

Random-Conical Reconstruction

Science / Spiders / Random-Conical Reconstruction: a method of data collection and reconstruction used for single particles, typically used initially in a project, to obtain a first low-resolution reconstruction of the macromolecule [Radermacher et al MORE

Present Value Of Growth Opportunities

Business / Finance / Present Value Of Growth Opportunities: Net present value (NPV) of investments the firm is expected to make in the future. MORE