Wet Sump

Technology / Motorcycle / Wet Sump: As part of the lubricating system of an internal combustion engine, a wet sump is a built-in oil reservoir at the base of the engine. From there oil is pumped into various engine bearings and then drained back down to the sump. A benefit of a wet sump, as compared to a dry sump, is its simple internal design, using a single pump with no external reservoir or connecting hoses or tubes which may leak. On the other hand a wet sump is unsuitable for high-performance applications, such as racing through corners, where the oil may slosh around inside the sump and briefly deprive the system of oil which could damage the engine.

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Dry Sump

Technology / Motorcycle / Dry Sump: An oil lubrication system for four-stroke and two-stroke internal combustion engines that incorporates an additional oil reservoir as compared to a wet sump system. Rather than the oil being collected MORE


Business / Construction / Sump: Pit or large plastic bucket/barrel inside the home designed to collect ground water from a perimeter drain system. MORE

Wet Edge

Life Style / Painting / Wet Edge: Length of time a wall paint can stand and be brushed back in to the next stretch without showing a lap. MORE