Technology / Motorcycle / Wheelie: A wheelie is a motorcycle maneuver performed by a skilled rider to raise the front wheel off the ground and ride only on the rear wheel.

Wheelie Bar

Technology / Motorcycle / Wheelie Bar: A set of short arms that project several feet from the rear of a motorcycle to prevent or control the amount of front-end lift during massive acceleration. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Wheelbase: The horizontal distance between the ground contact points of the front and rear wheels. Wheelbase is a function of motorcycle frame length, steering axis angle, and fork offset. Wheelbase has a major MORE


Business / Finance / Unloading: Trading in unlisted securities that occurs on an organized exchange to accommodate members. This practice is not permitted at the NYSE. MORE

Tank Slapper

Technology / Motorcycle / Tank Slapper: A rapid, high intensity oscillation of the handlebars (literally, slapping the tank side to side). It is a condition of dynamic instability, such as hard acceleration out of a bumpy corner. Classic ca MORE