Technology / Motorcycle / Wrench: A wrench is a term used to describe a motorcycle mechanic.

Other Words for Wrench

Wrench Noun Synonyms: strain, sprain, twist, overstrain
Wrench Verb Synonyms: yank, twist, jerk, force, pull, tug, tear, wring, rip, wrest

Wrenched Accent

Entertainment / Literature / Wrenched Accent: As Babette Deutsch phrases it, wrenched accent is 'The triumph of metrical stress over word accent when the two conflict' (195). Normally, a word like body typically has a strong stress on the first s MORE

Antisthecon Or Wrenched Rhyme

Life Style / Poetry / Antisthecon Or Wrenched Rhyme: A rhyme created by distorting a word, such as 'samoa' for 'some more of' in the limerick 'an old maid in the land of aloha.' MORE


Technology / Aviation / Torque: A twisting, gyroscopic force acting in opposition to an axis of rotation, such as with a turning propeller: aka Torsion. MORE


Entertainment / Basketball / Key: The area at each end of the court consisting of the foul circle, foul lane and free-throw line; named for the keyhole shape it had years ago. MORE

Chuck (Universal)

Business / Machine Shop / Chuck (Universal): A chuck whose jaws are so arranged that they are all moved together at the same rate by a special wrench sometimes called a "key." MORE