Technology / Programming / Argument: Extra information which the computer uses to perform commands. Some commands have stricter requirements than others. Some do not require all arguments but have optional arguments.

Other Words for Argument

Argument Noun Synonyms: debate, dispute, disagreement, quarrel, controversy, polemic, wrangle, squabble, tiff, spat, altercation, conflict, fight, fracas, affray, fray, Donnybrook, feud, row, falling-out, scrap, barney

Greenwich Argument

Science / Tides and Currents / Greenwich Argument: Equilibrium argument computed for the meridian of Greenwich. MORE

Infant Industry Argument

Business / Finance / Infant Industry Argument: The category describing a company's primary business activity. This category is usually determined by the largest portion of revenue. MORE

Equilibrium Argument

Science / Tides and Currents / Equilibrium Argument: The theoretical phase of a constituent of the equilibrium tide. It is usually represented by the expression (V+ u), in which V is a uniformly changing angular quantity involving multiples of the hour MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Rhetoric: The art of persuasive argument through writing or speech--the art of eloquence and charismatic language. A lengthier discussion can be found under the rhetoric link. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Metonymy: Using a vaguely suggestive, physical object to embody a more general idea. The term metonym also applies to the object itself used to suggest that more general idea. Some examples of metonymy are usin MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Ridicule: Words designed to arouse laughter and contempt for a person, idea, or institution. The rhetorical goal is to condemn or criticize the object by ridicule by making it seem suitable only for mockery (i. MORE