Technology / Programming / Ascii: American standard code for information interchange (ascii) is a set of definitions for 128 characters: 33 are nonprinting control characters that affect how text is processed, 94 are printable characters, and the space is considered an invisible graphic. Each character is represented as a number:, for instance, a is represented as 65, and a is represented as 97.

American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII)

Technology / Computers / American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII): The commonly used 256 character set containing letters, numbers, and special characters. The graphical representation of a single byte. eg: the letter N contains 8 bits (1 byte) indicating how it shou MORE

Plantar Fasciitis

Health / Fitness / Plantar Fasciitis: An inflammation of the tough fibrous band of tissue that runs the length of the bottom of your foot. MORE


Technology / Programming / Char: A char takes up 1 byte of memory and stores a character value written in single quotes, like 'a'. The char stores the characters in ascii as numbers, which means a char can be used for arithmetic. The MORE