Technology / Programming / Boolean: Boolean variables or bool hold one of two values: true and false represented as 1 and 0, respectively. They are the same in c++, arduino, and processing.

Boolean Logic

Technology / Computers / Boolean Logic: A type of mathematical logic named after its designer George Boole. This binary algebraic system is used primarily in switching circuits and database searches. Search engines use logical operators cal MORE

Boolean Search

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Boolean Search: Many search engines allow you to perform searches that contain mathematical formulas such as AND, OR, or NOT. By default most search engines include AND with your query, requiring results to be releva MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Condition: The overall term used to describe the lane surface; i.e., was a dry condition. MORE


Business / Finance / Flag: A mortgage in which the lending institution provides payments to a homeowner for a fixed number of years. MORE