Technology / Programming / Cast: A cast translates one variable type into another and forces calculations to be performed in the cast type. It uses the () operator and looks like this: (type)variable. For instance: int i:, float fl:, fl = 5.5:, i = (int) f:, // i is the integer value of f, // so it will be equal to 5 casts can also be done like so: i = int(f):,

Other Words for Cast

Cast Verb Synonyms: throw, toss, pitch, fling, sling, hurl, dash, send, chuck, shy
Cast Noun Synonyms: throw, toss, pitch, shy, lob, thrust, chuck

Cast Iron

Business / Machine Shop / Cast Iron: A family of alloys, containing more than 2% carbon and between 1 and 3% silicon. Cast irons are not malleable when solid and most have low ductility and poor resistance to impact loading. There are fo MORE


Entertainment / Music / Castrato: Male singer who was castrated during boyhood to preserve the soprano or alto vocal register, prominent in seventeenth and early eighteenth century opera. MORE

National Association Of Broadcasters (NAB)

Technology / Television (TV) / National Association Of Broadcasters (NAB): A non-profit organization supported by TV and radio broadcasters whose purpose is to demonstrate to legislative bodies and other interested parties that broadcasters can maintain adequate standards wi MORE