Technology / Programming / Cgi: Short for the common gateway interface. Cgi specifies the way a web browser (client) can request or send information to a website (server). Cgi was intended to standardize the way the browser and the server relate. For this reason, cgi can be written in any programming language.

Cgi Script

Business / Internet Marketing / Cgi Script: A CGI script is a program written in one of several popular languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, etc., that can take input from a web page, do something with the data, and produce a customized result MORE

Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

Technology / Computers / Common Gateway Interface (CGI): The 'Common Gateway Interface'. CGI provides a gateway for HTML pages to interact with other applications. MORE

Consultative Group On International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)

Business / Agriculture / Consultative Group On International Agricultural Research (CGIAR): An informal association of 56 public and private organizations that support 16 international agricultural research centers. All but three of the research centers are located in developing countries. T MORE

Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI)

Technology / Television (TV) / Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI): Images which are created digitally, usually through computer modeling with wireframe objects. MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Hit: A play in which the batter safely reaches a base after hitting the ball, without aid from a fielding error or fielder’s choice. MORE

Page Views

Business / Internet Marketing / Page Views: Number of times a user requests a page that may contain a particular ad. A page is defined as any file or content delivered by a web server that would generally be considered a web document. This incl MORE