Technology / Programming / Comment: Comments help you understand (or remember) how your program works or inform others how your program works. There are two different ways of marking a line as a comment: // this is a single-line comment /* this is a multiline comment that ends with a */

Other Words for Comment

Comment Verb Synonyms: remark, reference, animadversion, note, annotation, criticism, exposition, explanation, expansion, elucidation, clarification, footnote
Comment Noun Synonyms: commentary, opinion, remark, view, observation, reaction

Comment Spam

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Comment Spam: Posting blog comments for the purpose of generating an inlink to another site. The reason many blogs use link condoms. MORE

Comments Tag

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Comments Tag: Some web developers place comments in the source code of their work to help make it easy for people to understand the code. They can be viewed if someone type views the source code of a document, but MORE


Technology / Programming / Comments: /* label your code, write yourself a note! */ MORE

Blog Comment Spam

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Blog Comment Spam: Either manually or automatically (via a software program) adding low value or no value comments to other sites. As time passes both manual and automated blog comment spam systems are evolving to look MORE

Public Comment Period

Health / Disease / Public Comment Period: An opportunity for the public to comment on agency findings or proposed activities contained in draft reports or documents. The public comment period is a limited time period during which comments wil MORE

Request For Comment (RFC)

Business / Internet Marketing / Request For Comment (RFC): The documents that contain the protocols, standards and information that define the Internet. Gathered and published by the Internet Engineering Task Force, a consensus-building body made up of instit MORE