Technology / Programming / Comparison: Comparison operators are operators that compare two values, like != (not equal to) or == (equal to), for instance. 3 == 4 returns false (because 3 is not equal to 4), while 7.8 != 9 returns true (because the values are not equal).

Other Words for Comparison

Comparison Noun Synonyms: match, similarity, resemblance, likeness, comparability, relation, relationship, commensurability, kinship, point of agreement or correspondence
Comparison Verb Synonyms: contrasting, contrast, juxtaposing, juxtaposition, balancing, balance, weighing

Factor Comparison

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Factor Comparison: A job comparison process involving ranking each individual job by certain selected compensable factors to establish appropriate values to be used in determining pay rates. MORE

Analytical Comparison

Entertainment / Literature / Analytical Comparison: Comparison using more and most instead of -er and -est. MORE

Comparison Universe

Business / Finance / Comparison Universe: Short for 'comparison ticket,' a memorandum between two brokers that confirms the details of a transaction to be carried out. MORE

Paired Comparison

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Paired Comparison: A form of rating, in which the rater compares, one by one, the performance of each member in a group with the performance of every other member in the group. MORE

Within-Habitat Comparison

Science / Marine Biology / Within-Habitat Comparison: A contrast of diversity between two localities of similar habitat type MORE

Between-Habitat Comparison

Science / Marine Biology / Between-Habitat Comparison: A contrast of diversity in two localities of differing habitat type (e.g., sand versus mud bottoms) MORE