Technology / Programming / Define: The #define operator defines a value that persists throughout an entire application. For instance: #define number 4 now the constant number will represent the value 4 throughout the application.

Other Words for Define

Define Noun Synonyms: determine, establish, fix, demarcate, mark off or out, delimit, limit, lay or set down, circumscribe, specify, identify, delineate, describe
Define Verb Synonyms: describe, explain, interpret, spell out, detail, clarify, delineate, expand on, expatiate on or upon, delineate, characterize, state, name

Defined Contribution Plan

Business / Finance / Defined Contribution Plan: A pension plan obliging the sponsor to make specified dollar payments to qualifying employees. The pension obligations are effectively the debt obligation of the plan sponsor. Related: Defined contrib MORE

Defined Benefit Plan

Business / Finance / Defined Benefit Plan: A unit investment trust consisting of a fixed portfolio of securities, including blue chips, REITs, or high-yielding stocks on a major exchange such as the NYSE or FTSE. MORE

Defined Asset Fund

Business / Finance / Defined Asset Fund: When government spending overwhelms government revenue resulting in government borrowing. See: Deficit financing. MORE

Unified Field Therapy

Health / Massage / Unified Field Therapy: Unified field therapy (UFT) has discovered that beyond the body, beyond energy, lies a matrix of consciousness that permeates every aspect of our world. This dynamic, ever expansive matrix forms a sin MORE

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

Health / Massage / Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy: Based on the discoveries of Drs. Janet Travell and David Simons in which they found the causal relationship between chronic pain and its source, myofascial trigger point therapy is used to relieve mus MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Province: A geographically defined area with a characteristic set of species or characteristic percentage representation by given species MORE