Technology / Programming / Formatting: Indent stuff nicely, etc. Compiler ignores it:, tas don't.

Link Baiting

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Link Baiting: The art of targeting, creating, and formatting information that provokes the target audience to point high quality links at your site. Many link baiting techniques are targeted at social media and blo MORE

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML): Directives or 'markup' which are used to add formatting and web functionality to plain text for use on the internet. HTML is the mother tongue of the search engines, and should generally be strictly a MORE


Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Usability: How easy it is for customers to perform the desired actions. The structure and formatting of text and hyperlink based calls to action can drastically increase your website usability, and thus conversi MORE


Technology / Computers / Cache: A very high speed type of memory that is similar to random access memory (RAM). The difference in RAM and Cache is that the Cache memory is on the server side and the RAM is stored in the computer sys MORE


Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / XHTML: Extensible HyperText Markup Language is a class of specifications designed to move HTML to conform to XML formatting. MORE


Technology / Email / Test: A necessary step before sending an email campaign or newsletter. Many email clients permit you to send a test email before sending a regular email newsletter or solo mailing, in which you would send o MORE