Technology / Programming / Function: Something that is called with parentheses, e.g., sqrt(). Specifically, a portion of code that is designed for one mini-task, e.g., draw a line, draw a square, compute the square root, or find the largest value. In java, functions are called 'methods'.

Other Words for Function

Function Noun Synonyms: purpose, aim, role or r“le, raison d'ˆtre, responsibility, mission, charge, concern, business, province, duty, job, occupation, work, office, task, chore, assignment, commission, activity

Basis Function

Science / Chemistry / Basis Function: A mathematical function that can be used to build a description of wavefunctions for electrons in atoms or molecules. MORE

Functional Shift

Entertainment / Literature / Functional Shift: The linguistic equivalent of poetic anthimeria, in which one part of grammatical speech becomes another. An especially common type of functional shift in everyday grammar is taking a noun and treating MORE

Density Functional

Science / Chemistry / Density Functional: A model that describes the electronic structure of an atom or molecule by approximating the total energy as a function of electron density. MORE

Point-Spread Function

Science / Spiders / Point-Spread Function: the kernel in the superposition integral (convolution product) that expresses the effect of a linear optical system in the formation of an image of an object. Point spread function and transfer functi MORE

Function Call

Technology / Programming / Function Call: A function call is another way to refer to calling a method that has been declared and defined elsewhere. For instance: methodname():, MORE

Autocorrelation Function (ACF)

Science / Spiders / Autocorrelation Function (ACF): the cross-correlation function of an image with itself. The ACF is centrosymmetric, and its highest peak is always in the origin, a shift position where both signal and noise contents of the image ove MORE