Technology / Programming / Inheritance: Inheritance is the process of having one class extend another class. When a class extends another class, it inherits all the methods and properties of its parent class. In c++, this is done by writing the following: class circle : public shape { }:, in processing, it’s done by writing the following: class circle extends shape { }

Other Words for Inheritance

Inheritance Adjective Synonyms: patrimony, heritage, legacy, bequest, birthright, property

Mendelian Inheritance

Science / Genetics / Mendelian Inheritance: One method in which genetic traits are passed from parents to offspring. Named for gregor mendel, who first studied and recognized the existence of genes and this method of inheritance. MORE

Chromosome Theory Of Inheritance

Science / Biology / Chromosome Theory Of Inheritance: Holds that chromosomes are the cellular components that physically contain genes; proposed in 1903 by Walter Sutton and Theodore Boveri. MORE

Inheritance Tax Return

Business / Finance / Inheritance Tax Return: A bar of metal such as the type that the Federal Reserve System uses to store gold reserves. MORE