Technology / Programming / Iteration: The repetition of a loop in which the computer repeatedly does something. Iteration is also known as looping.


Entertainment / Literature / Transliteration: The representation of the symbols appearing in one language's writing system by those of another language's writing system. For instance, Anglo-Saxon had a letter called eth (???†"), which does not MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Alliteration: Repeating a consonant sound in close proximity to others, or beginning several words with the same vowel sound. For instance, the phrase 'buckets of big blue berries' alliterates with the consonant b. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Loop: 1. (mainly used by caddies) another term for a round of golf (also might refer to the player a caddie is working for or the job of caddying itself) 2. (also 'reroute') a noticeable difference in the MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Prosody: The mechanics of verse poetry--its sounds, rhythms, scansion and meter, stanzaic form, alliteration, assonance, euphony, onomatopoeia, and rhyme. (2) The study or analysis of the previously listed mat MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Archaism: A word, expression, spelling, or phrase that is out of date in the common speech of an era, but still deliberately used by a writer, poet, or playwright for artistic purposes. Until fairly recently, i MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Poetry: A variable literary genre characterized by rhythmical patterns of language. These patterns typically consist of patterns of meter (regular patterns of high and low stress), syllabification (the number MORE