Technology / Programming / Loop: The repetition of code based upon certain conditions expressed by one of the following conditionals: if...elif...else, while, or for. The body of the loop is that part in which the computer does something if the condition is true. Looping is also known as iteration.

Other Words for Loop

Loop Verb Synonyms: hoop, noose, ring, circle, bow, eye, eyelet, coil, whorl, bend

Loop Of Henle

Science / Biology / Loop Of Henle: A U-shaped loop between the proximal and distal tubules in the kidney. MORE


Technology / Computers / Loopback: A diagnostic test that returns the transmitted signal back to the sending device after it has passed through a network or across a particular link. The returned signal can then be compared to the tran MORE

Looping The Ball

Entertainment / Bowling / Looping The Ball: A slow big hook. Also, the act of bringing your throwing hand behind your back in your armswing as it loops from out to in; generally not desirable. See also armswing, inside out armswing and outside MORE

Loop Frame

Technology / Motorcycle / Loop Frame: Early motorcycle frame design in which the downtube curves underneath the engine case and then upward to become the seat-post. The earliest motorcycle builders were adapting gasoline engines to 19th c MORE

Loop Of Stationary Wave

Science / Tides and Currents / Loop Of Stationary Wave: That portion of the oscillating area where the vertical movement is greatest. MORE

Loop Current

Science / Tides and Currents / Loop Current: A current setting clockwise in the Gulf of Mexico. It enters through the Yucatan Channel from the Caribbean Sea and leaves through the Straits of Florida. MORE